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Hey guys, Jack here again to talk about Roustabout Jobs. It took me a few months of looking and trying to find companies with roustabout vacancies before I finally got hired. There is no fun in looking for work; at least for me hunting for a roustabout job was worse than actually going to work.

A good place to start your search is taking a look at whom you know. Sometimes it isn’t too hard to find relatives or friends who know someone that can help you get a contact. You see, that’s what happened to me. I got hooked up through a friend of a friend of a friend. Also, you future roustabouts shouldn’t focus too much energy on your roustabout salary when looking at different offshore oil rig jobs because roustabout pay isn’t all that different from company to company.

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A couple of years after my car accident my cousin was looking for roustabout employment and wanted me to help him. Unfortunately, all my contacts had moved on because of the layoffs in the oil industry a few years ago and I couldn’t help him. My cousin did something I probably wouldn’t ever do because I’m too damn cheap. He paid for a service to help him look for roustabout oil rig jobs. Click Here For Information About His Roustabout Job Finder Service.

They sent out his resume all over the place and he got hired pretty quickly. Go figure! Anyways I have posted a link to the service he used if that is something you’re interested in. I wouldn’t have paid for it myself, but then I am somewhat of a dumb ass anyway. My cousin was smart enough to find help and would have been working for months while I was still looking for a job.

I plan on researching and eventually posting a list of companies that hire roustabouts. In the meantime boss, you’re on you own.

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Jack McDermott, former Roustabout

Jack McDermott, former Roustabout

Thanks for visiting my little website. I hope to provide you with useful information about Roustabout jobs.

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